Joint Exhibition of Beverley School and IDRC

An abstract, colourful painting with impressions of leaves on it. A woman is standing to the right describing the painting.

On June 8th and 9th, the Beverley School and the Coding to Learn and Create team held a joint exhibition that showcased the many unique expressions to be found at the intersection of creativity, ability, and diversity.

Two people stand in front of a smart board which has the Weavly coding environment on it. In the foreground there are large colourful blocks with the Weavly actions on them and a toy robot.

Through large scale, mixed media artworks, Collocation weaves together the many unique expressions of Beverley’s students in a dynamic rhythm of colour, gesture, and texture.

A white canvas with a walker attached to it. Both the walker and the canvas have been splattered with many colours of paint.

Collocation is the work of the Beverley School community, co-designed and facilitated by TDSB Visual Art Teacher, Hien Quach, and OAC Visual Artist, Patrick Moore.

A woman is touching several bronze sculptures of hands in different positions.

Creative Path is the celebration of inclusive design with students from across Canada, using Weavly (an inclusive coding environment and coding resources) and Debug’d (a kit including a range of adapted materials and coding curriculum for common robots at schools).

A woman is holding two brightly coloured coding curriculum sheets.

Creative Path is a collaboration between IDRC, Bridges Canada, TakingITGlobal, TetraTMU, the Beverley School, and many other schools across Canada.

A man stands in front of a computer showing a prototype of a Sound Robot. Beside the computer is a simple DIY robot.

The Tetra TMU team showcased their work on the Open Robot Kit and TakingITGlobal shared music created by students through the Your Voice is Power Project.

Three people are looking at the Your Voice is Power website. In the background, children are playing with robots on the floor.